Slow Pilot is a Belgian band with the voice and songs of Pieter Peirsman as center-piece. Debut-album “Gentle Intruder” was released in Belgium on the 23th of march 2018 (Starman Records). Their music can be described as a mix of singer-songwriter, indiepop and alternative rock. Influences are Divine Comedy, Fleet Foxes, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Deus, Chris Cornell, Paul Mc Cartney and many others.

“Gentle Intruder” has been recorded in the legendary ICP Studio’s (Brussels) by the young and talented producer Jasper Maekelberg (Warhaus, Faces on TV, Balthazar, Bazart,…) and was mixed by Jo Francken (Milow, Zap Mama, Admiral Freebee, Zita Swoon,... ).  On a few songs The Belgian Session Orchestra (also live on stage with Hooverphonic) added a subtle blend of strings that reminds to Nick Drake somehow.

Live they’re a five piece band with members of Hooverphonic, Delvis!, Yevgueni and Selah Sue.


Vocals, Guitar / Pieter Peirsman
Bass, Backing Vocals / Maarten Van Mieghem
Leadguitar, Backing Vocals / Sebastian Leye
Drums / Jordi Geuens
Keys / Laurens Dierickx

Gentle Intruder is a record that lets itself discover slowly but willingly Slow Pilot delivers ten heart-warming songs, good for more than half an hour of listening pleasure.
Slow Pilot understands the art of sounding modern and embracing the past at the same time. Early Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, dEUS ... if we have to make a list of influences, those classics will be the first to flash through our minds.

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